Weight Loss

Body mass is often a limiting factor for many athletes.

The leaner you are, the lower the workload required to perform at your peak.

In addition, lower fat mass has obvious benefits for improved physical appearance.

You want to maximise fat burning without compromising lean muscle tissue in order to improve your body composition.

Here’s our pick to help you perform at your peak:


Delivers free fatty acids to energy-producing mitochondria for fast fuel production, essential for athletic performance.

This natural amino acid has a positive effect on the brain, heart and muscles promoting fat burning and energy transfer for increased endurance, lean muscle development and enhanced recovery

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Promotes gut health and stimulates production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) effective for maintenance of muscle mass or as an anti-ageing aid. It soothes the nervous system for enhanced concentration and mood control and reduces pain, anxiety and insomnia

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IGF Whey

Promotes muscle growth and recovery for explosive performance and improved adaptation in training.

PTS Whey offers the most biologically available amino acid for superior nitrogen retention to minimise muscle damage and maximise recovery. The added branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) Arginine, Glutamine and Glutamate provide essential building blocks for muscle development and tissue repair.

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